About Ricky Gutierrez

Determined to make it to the upper echelons in the world of motorsports, Ricky G is in the process of following in the footsteps of champions and household names around the world. One of the United States most anticipated young talents Ricky G has been tearing up the track garnering race wins, podiums and awards along the way. Committed to success, Ricky G has perfected his race craft across multiple different disciplines to ensure that he has an edge on his fellow competitors on the track, while an active work out program and marketing plan have him leading the pack off the track as well.

On Track

As one of the hungrier drivers, Ricky G turned heads in every step in his motorsports career.

With multiple race wins and podium results to his name in both dirt and asphalt track racing, the Troy Adams Coaching branded driver’s on track finishes and consistent growth and experience has helped elevate his talents to one of the next stars in North America. With success on road courses and ovals in both dirt and asphalt, Ricky G will be one to watch for the years to come.


Outside the car

From the minute Ricky G wakes, he focuses on what is needed to be successful in a race car. Passionate about the sport, he is understanding that the hardest preparation work about being a motorsports champion comes from outside the race car.

Focused on physical fitness, conditioning and mental preparation, Ricky G is constantly pushing himself above and beyond the normal daily limits. More important than on track results is Ricky G’s off track presence; Gutierrez is prototypical of the new breed of racer: a person as comfortable dealing with people as he is driving at the limit. His personality, effort and appeal are second to none and they can attract the exposure needed to provide supporting companies the benefits they deserve. With the help of his media representative, manager, team and family support, Ricky G provides the brand awareness that any company would be happy to be associated with and his activeness on social media provides an in-depth look of his personal and racing life while interacting with partners, fans and the motorsports community.